Monday, 2 January 2012


Since Porsche launched the Cayenne in 2002, the exclusive sports car maker became a mass producer and lost its “exclusive” prefix. Good or bad thing, depending on who’s asking. Ten years on and Porsche aims to continue milking that cowenne as it breaks its own sales records left right and centre.

Preliminary figures mentioned by Porsche suggest the company sold over 115 000 cars in 2011, as compared to 97 000 units in 2010. The previous highest before that was 103 000 pushed in 2007. Last year’s figure is the biggest in the history of the brand. The main growth areas for 2012 will be, as usual, China, Russia and Latin America, specifically Brazil and Mexico.

The biggest driving force is the Cayenne yes, which now accounts for just over half of all Porsche sales. Second to it is the Panamera, illustrating the fact that while people still desire fast cars, they also priorities usability as well. Porsche would do well to look into a BMW M3/ Mercedes-Benz C 63 AMG 4-door rival…

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