Friday, 30 December 2011


“Mr Padre”, or “Captain Video” Tony Gywnn is a legend in one of America’s favourite pastimes of baseball. The retired left-hander was even inducted to the Baseball Hall of Fame, showing how special he was. This custom-built Chrysler 300C with 11 263km on the clock was his. And it’s pretty special too.

As you can see from these pictures, the car is based on arguably Chrysler’s most recognisable car of the past decade. The “gangsta” 300C – now replaced by the 300 – never came in a coupe. Well this one does. An unnamed tuner cut out the rear doors, lowered the roof, installed flared wheel arches, and massive wheels among others. There’s good chunks of chrome all over too.

It recently came into the public fore after a US dealership called Beverly Hills Motor Cars in San Diego put it on its shop floor. It could be yours for the asking price of US$27 950 (about R225 000).

SOURCE: Carscoop via BH Motors via Jalopnik


Anonymous said...

What a special thing. so sorry it's only available in the USA and not here in Nigeria

Anonymous said...

pimp that buddy!

Last_mile 105 said...

I love it!

Anonymous said...

Can you import this car into SA?

Thami Masemola said...

@Anon sadly/ fortunatley not. Because it is left-hand-drive.