Wednesday, 18 April 2012


Some pictures of the upcoming baby Mercedes-Benz CLS, which could be called anything from CLA to CLC to Concept Style Coupe or CSC, have spread into the interweb. The car will be based on the C-Class platform and feature coupe-like styling, but at the same time retaining its four doors and only four seats.

While this is just a concept car for now, we know that Merc is readying the car for production. In fact, we believe it will be in South Africa by the end of 2013. But first it must show up at an international motor show, such as the Beijing Auto Show that’s coming up next week on the 23rd for instance.

The engine list will merely mimic most of those of the C-Class, including the 1.8-litre twin turbo with 150kW, the 3.0-litre turbo diesel kicking out 165kW and a 63 AMG version. Actually, this could be the first car in the range to use turbo technology in the smaller AMG cars.

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