Thursday, 15 March 2012


Hyundai has released teaser images of the all-new Santa Fe, which will have its world premiere at the New York International Auto Show in early April.

Hyundai will keep the name “Santa Fe” for the new vehicle, continuing the solid brand heritage of the automaker’s most representative SUV model. The all-new Santa Fe, which is entering its third generation, has reached worldwide cumulative sales of about 2.56 million units since its debut in 2000. 

Based on Hyundai’s design philosophy, Fluidic Sculpture, the new Santa Fe adopts its own design concept called “Storm Edge,” which captures the strong and dynamic images created by nature during the formation of a storm.

The third-generation Santa Fe features sophisticated and refined lines, which are in harmony with bold and voluminous surfaces, completing a more aggressive and classic look than its predecessor.

The design adopts the hexagonal grille – a key design cue of the Hyundai family look – a two-tone voluminous bottom car body and wider front and rear bumpers, creating a futuristic and urban-style SUV image. Dynamic side character lines give a more aerodynamic feeling, while emotional details expressed on the exterior design deliver a premium image, suggesting a new design direction for Hyundai’s next-generation SUVs.

The all-new Santa Fe, whose core product concepts are “Refinement,” ”Smartness” and “Practicality, ” is expected to be a hit in the global SUV market, offering the best value to customers in every aspect, with its differentiated design, cutting-edge technologies, good fuel economy and practical use of space.

The new Santa Fe is expected in South Africa early in 2013.



Erol said...

Nothing original here. Sorry Hyundai you didn't tickle my fancy.

Danie said...

Agreed with Erol. It looks like so many other cars that are already out there.

Teko Mokoena said...

It's a good improvement from what we see at the moment. I see they won Car of the year too so it's going well with Hyundai.