Monday, 12 March 2012


The Honda Insight, billed as the only direct competitor to the ruling Toyota Prius, has been refreshed for the 2012 year. Launched in Mzansi in November 2010, the Insight sold at about R100 000 less than Prius, but featured similar hybrid technologies. While the new facelift car is still much cheaper than its rival, the rift has shrunk significantly.

We don’t really know why the facelift arrived so quickly, but we don’t mind at all. Honda is renewing itself in terms of product more rigorously than before, and fresh faces are always welcome. Mainly the changes have been made to the front grille which is now narrower, and also features slimmer headlights. LED taillights are also a standout feature.

Honda also went under the skin to give the Insight a bit more churn in the handling stakes. Not something you’d expect of this type of car, but still, it is a Honda. As such, stiffer aluminium front lower suspension arms have been utilised in the place of steel ones, thus reducing road noise. Additionally McPherson struts, an H-shaped rear torsion beam, and ABS-controlled disc brakes all round are all chassis characteristics.

In terms of powertrain we have a 1.3-litre petrol i-VTEC engine with 65kW of power, made at 5800rpm, and peak torque of 121Nm at 4500rpm. The electric motor on the other hand, is right for 10.3kW and 78.4Nm. All in all, system output is 73kW and 167Nm. Honda says the Insight will go from 0 – 100km/h in a leisurely 12.5 seconds and achieve a 182/km speed limit.

Some standard specs include things like cruise control, leather seats with warmers, rain sensing wipers, USB port and climate control.

The new Honda Insight costs R272 500, which is about R70 000 cheaper than the cheapest Prius. 

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i don't enjoy the hybrid brigade. Get a diesel rather which is better and performs more.