Thursday, 2 February 2012


Carscoop reports that a guy riding his bicycle along the road, chanced upon a fleet of Mercedes-Benz personnel, apparently lining up for a shoot of the brand new 2012 A-Class hatchback. The guy proceeded to take a video of the thing and posted it online. We have a still shot from that video.

This happened at the Canary Islands where presumably the car is starring in its first photo shoot. Mercedes-Benz will launch the new A-Class later this year, but probably first at the 2012 Geneva International Motor Show. It will be very interesting, since Audi is launching its A3 this year also, while BMW introduced the 1 Series only a few months ago.

We first saw A-Class direction when the concept car broke cover last year. Boy were we impressed! Besides the fact that it’s such a radical change compared to the outgoing mama model, just on its own, the car is pretty damn good-looking. Whether the pictured car is an actual AMG variant or just one kitted out in AMG garb is unclear. But of course we know an AMG will be built to compete with the likes of BMW 1 M Coupe and Audi RS 3. Therefore expect something around 260kW from Merc. 

* Also pictured is the A-Class 3-door Concept

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