Monday, 3 August 2009


Is 353kW (480hp) enough for a Porsche 911 Turbo? Switzer Performance, the Ohio (US) based tuner seems to think not. Because of this mindset they have taken a stock 997 Turbo and turned it into a stock Bryan Habana. The AWD Turbo is a traction machine of note but with the Switzer P800 package it’s now said to be stickier than a kindergarten boy’s nose.

By installing custom GT3 turbos, Switzer intercoolers, new ECU software, a competition style exhaust and headers, as well as an electronic boost control, the tuner went from 353kW to an unruly 588kW (800hp). The 0 – 100km/h time is around 3 seconds and the quarter mile is hit in 10.5 seconds.

Owners of the 911 Turbo who wish to be catapulted into the abyss while in their own cars can contact their nearest Switzer Performance dealer.