Monday, 3 August 2009


The first customer Nissan GT-Rs have landed on South African soil. These are not the first units over all though; IN4RIDE has spotted Godzilla on a couple of occasions driving on the freeway and in Jozi’s suburbs.

Nissan took these pictures after the cars had been unloaded, heading for their proud owners. South Africa gets the uprated 2010 model year GT-R which makes slightly more power from 353kW to 357kW. It also benefits from improved shock absorbers plus a new software programme for the double-clutch gearbox.

Only two trim levels will be offered to Mzansi people namely the Premium Edition and the Black Edition. They differ visually via kit like black wheels for the latter car, red leather inserts on the seats and red detailing on the door handles among others.

You’ll be pleased to know that our initial price estimates have been spectacularly beaten. Nissan confirms that the GT-R will come in at an amazing R1 175 000 which is fantastic news for people looking at supercar performance but unwilling to part with the required minimum of R3 million for a “proper supercar” with Italian roots.

Those who say “but it’s still a Nissan” are in for the performance shock of their lives from the current "World Performance Car of the Year".