Tuesday, 4 August 2009


The HUMMER H2 is regarded by many as the king of bling, the type of car that sidelines everything else without even trying. Lately though these huge road hoggers have been sidelined themselves by the “green” brigade as well as high fuel prices, prompting a downward spiral in sales.

GeigerCars, never one to shy away from contributing its own bullet to the ozone armour, has released this H2. One of the first noticeable things about this massive SUV are the four chrome-clad wheels which measure a bombastic 30-inches. Behind them are big Brembo brakes meant to stop this T-Rex as it lays down rubber on the tarmac.

And plenty of rubber it should lay after getting a supercharger to beef up its arsenal. Power is 402kW at 5900rpm while maximum torque is 763Nm found at 4500rpm. Such figures put it in the league of cars like the BMW X5/ X6 M and the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG. Few will stand in its way after it hits the 100km/h point after 6.9 seconds as it goes on to a top speed of 228km/h. Whether anyone will have the required brass balls to actually go through with that is another story. What it sounds like in full glory we can only imagine.

With bling the theme, GeigerCars saw it fit to install two-tone leather seating in a brown and beige contrast (called Latte Macciatto), a DVD player, satellite navigation system and a rear-view camera for reversing.