Friday, 21 August 2009


Who knows what an orgasm sounds like. Certainly not the way she presents it sometimes and not the way he moans it once in a while either. Who can tell, really. Perhaps Audi. The 100 year-old automaker has released some MP3 sounds of its TT RS as it plays with its own throttle. These sound files are available to download for free from the Audi UK website.

The TT RS is the top-of-the-range TT and it comes with a strung out 2.5-litre 5-cylinder engine worth 250kW (340hp) and some 450Nm of creamy torque. The car will obviously come standard with quattro AWD to maximise traction off the line but out of recent habit it will surely split the torque to be rear-wheel-biased. This means it should have the grip of an AWD car and the fun handling of a RWD.

European pricing starts at €55 800 (R622 200) for the Coupe and €58 650 (R654 000) for the Roadster. I had hoped that we might see the car in Mzansi before the end of 2009 but that doesn’t look like it will happen.

Just so you can recognise it by its sound when it lands in 2010, click on this picture or head on over to the AUDI SITE AND LISTEN. Warning: not for those who orgasm too easily.