Monday, 27 February 2012


Poor Volvo. Waiting for Geneva 2012 to unveil their latest baby beauty to the public, until some evil entity (probably a disgruntled employee) leaked the car on the internet. This then ladies and gents, is the all-new Volvo V40, a car with great future ambitions.

These ambitions include unseating, or at least competing on a level playing field with current market leaders, namely the Audi A3 and BMW 1 Series. The is also the Lexus CT 200H to contend with, as well as the upcoming Mercedes-Benz A-Class. Big, well-respected names. But Volvo is up to the task with its entry-level notchback.

Save from being priced keenly against these rivals, we also expect it to be powered by some serious turbo engines. They include a 1.6-litre with 132kW and a 2.0-litre making 177kW, as well as some turbo diesel D3 and D5 models, the former pulling a stunning 400Nm of torque.

An official announcement may be made prior to the Geneva Show, failing which you will hear more about this car when it’s publically unveiled there. It should land in Mzansi before the end of 2012.


Anonymous said...

pretty car and the engines sound like they the bomb

Neville Strauss said...

Looks to me like a V50 station wagon. I don't know, I don't see much difference even interior is like the S60 in my eyes. Are those good or bad things? We'll see.

Anonymous said...

lekka man

Thomas Rolo said...

I'd probably buy it maybe over the A3 but not over the 1