Monday, 29 July 2013


Current Jaguar XF sedan
Some reports coming out of New Delhi suggest that Tata bosses are keen to see Jaguar leap ahead of its Land Rover sibling in terms of sales, and they want certain new models to attract new clients. Land Rover is currently about twice the size of Jaguar. Among them will be a new sedan in the mould of the BMW 3 Series/ Audi A4/ Mercedes-Benz C-Class/ Volvo S60.

Last year we reported that Tata, which owns Jaguar Land Rover, planned to spend up to £1.5 billion (around R22.6 billion today) a year on its two premium brands to develop new products and increase sales. To this end, the reports claim that the 3 Series rival could arrive as early as in 2015, while an SUV/ crossover would soon follow. We’ve previously questioned the wisdom of launching a Jaguar SUV in the presence of a range of Land Rovers, so to speak. But then again, we don’t have Tata’s business case on this is.

The two new models would apparently be built mostly of aluminium in order to make them as light as possible. Jaguar previously made forays into the 3 Series segment with the X-Type. It didn’t go so well. With sales on a continuous up and competitors reaping good profits, they seem to be confident of future success too.

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