Tuesday, 30 July 2013


EXP 9F Concept

Bentley has confirmed that it will be building an SUV of sizeable proportions, both in actual physical dimensions as well as in luxury and price. We expect the vehicle, largely based in looks to the EXP 9F Concept (pictures). The car will go on sale in Europe sometime in 2016.

Bentley, through its parent Volkswagen, has committed a tidy sum of £800 million (about R12 billion today) to develop this macho SUV. Over 1 000 new jobs are expected to be created in Crewe, United Kingdom, where the car is to be assembled.

Not surprisingly, Bentley says it will be the most luxurious SUV in the market. Moreover they say, it will be the most powerful too. What this means is that at least a V8 engine can be expected. A W12 is also a possibility, both of which will certainly go well over the 400kW mark.

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Renren Kink said...

Another waste of oxygen from Bentley. Yuk!