Wednesday, 13 February 2013


Chevrolet’s Spark Electric Vehicle, which was revealed at last year’s Los Angeles Auto Show, is on its way to Geneva 2013. The little Spark that can does not run on petrol nor diesel, but uses what General Motors describes as its “most advanced electric motor and battery system”.

Big claims indeed. The car is equipped with a lithium-ion battery system that delivers more than 20 kWh. In terms of power, it makes 96kW and 542Nm of torque, helping it pull from 0 – 100km/h in a claimed 8.5 seconds. While that’s not bad, it helps to remember that this is a zero-emissions car, meaning it does not smoke nor does it produce any pollutants.

Spark Electric Vehicle can use either AC or DC recharging systems, taking up to 8 hours with the former and about 30 minutes using DC. A standard item on the car will be the MyLink connected radio technology that connects smart phones to the car’s touch screen.

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