Tuesday, 25 August 2009


Apparently Porsche’s new boss Martin Winterkorn wants more Porsche models. Ok, so he is not the direct boss of Porsche because he runs the Volkswagen Group, but indirectly he calls the shots at Porsche now that his company has turned the tables and is buying the sports car maker. Semantics.

The point is that Porsche sold about 100 000 cars in 2008, most of which were Cayenne SUVs, and will sell less this year because of the world recession. Winterkorn is not quite happy with that number and wants it to go beyond 150 000. But you don’t just declare sales intentions and watch them come to life. Plans, proper plans must be made and followed-through.

Accordingly word is that VW will push for at least three new Porsche models to be introduced in order to increase sales. There’s already a lot of speculation as to where exactly these cars will fit in given that Porsche is such a niche manufacturer. Could we see a smaller Cayenne for example? Or something below the Boxster (like a GTI R/Ford Focus RS rival)? A variation of the Panamera perhaps?

Well I have a proposition. How about a four-door saloon that will take on cars like the BMW M3 and the Mercedes-Benz C 63 AMG? To me that makes the most sense; a high-performance Porsche with four doors for a family and space to go shopping or to carry extramural stuff like bicycles. Too high or too close to the 911? Then how about something like an Audi S4 competitor? Smaller, turbocharged, also four doors? Think about it Martin. And when you decide let me know so I can take the credit.