Monday, 24 August 2009


These renderings represent what is to become the most powerful Porsche Panamera ever produced. Ok, this will be true for probably a few months until another tuner follows 9ff and betters its figures. A highly unlikely scenario given 9ff’s recent foray into taking Porsche products to the stratosphere.

Officially the Panamera is launching in a few weeks time in Germany so this 9ff version is also pre-launch. Three models are on offer. The lowest is the 9ffPT-55 which has 405kW (550hp) and maximum torque of 760Nm. That already trounces the most powerful standard Panamera by a mile and a half. Then we have the 9ffPT-60 which ups power to 441kW (600hp), with torque sitting at 800Nm. At the peak of it all is a 478kW (650hp), 850Nm unit which should be a blast of fun to be in.

As per normal 9ff cars this one can be customised to the delight of its owner. That means exterior colours, interior leather types and techno choices are boundless. Running rubber is some 20-inches and exterior differences include a new rear diffuser, new side skirts and a different front end.