Friday, 26 July 2013


MINI unveiled a new concept called the MINI Vision concept. In most aspects it’s really the upcoming MINI that will replace the current car in 2014. As you can tell, this really is a design study, but a number of aspects will be carried into the real car when it debuts.

MINI being the boutique car that it is, is centred around individuality. Often the cars can be specced so much more than expensive and bigger sedans in the BMW range, simply because the MINI market demands to stand out from the crowd. Some of the wizadry they’ve performed in this concept is a device that holds smart phones but can be removed with one swipe of the hand. There are elastic fabric straps on the side of the doors, adorned in Union Jack colours that can hold cumbersome items like a 2-litre bottle or a magazine.

The inside is a myriad of lights, textures, plastics and new exotic materials, one of which is called an organo metal. According to MINI it’s an “extremely mouldable but also very strong material is produced by pressing various fibres into a composite”.

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