Thursday, 25 July 2013


Mercedes-Benz and Aston Martin have entered into an agreement that will see the German company supply its British rival with engines. The agreement is specifically between Aston Martin and Mercedes-Benz AMG division. A letter of agreement has been signed and all other agreements should be finalised before 2014.

There aren’t too many details revealed but according to a statement, the two will partner in as far as supplying Aston Martin with bespoke V8 engines for their next-generation of sports cars. Whether these will remain naturally aspirated or turbocharged as Mercedes-Benz is currently doing with most of its AMGs, remains to be seen. What “bespoke” does mean however, is that we won’t see the same power figures coming out of these engines.

The agreement also covers the supply of electric powertrains, which indicates Aston Martin’s willingness to explore this frontier in the future. In addition, Mercedes-Benz will be allowed to take up a stake of up to 5% in Aston Martin. All this is pending approval by regulatory bodies.

“We have selected AMG specifically as the basis for this powertrain development process,” Aston Martin Product Development Director Ian Minards said. “Aston Martin sources cutting edge technology from key suppliers around the globe and the opportunity to include content from Mercedes-AMG GmbH in our next generation sports cars is, clearly, good news.”

Ola K√§llenius, Head of Mercedes-AMG GmbH said: “We are proud to work with Aston Martin and provide them with powertrain and e/e components for their forthcoming sports cars. This is proof of AMG’s technological and performance expertise and a real win-win situation for both sides.”

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