Monday, 10 June 2013


With the new BMW X5 now out in the public eye, and headed to Mzansi before the year ends, some derivatives are being thrown about. Official or not at this time, we know the X5 M will, within the next 24 months, also come to the fore. But for now it seems a few lucky regions will be getting a rear-wheel-drive (RWD) X5.

Yap, this is very interesting news indeed. X cars have traditionally been all-wheel-drive (AWD), until the X1 came along and gave us some options. It’s uncommon for big SUVs to be permanently RWD; most are AWD with the computer deciding how much torque goes to the front or rear axle at any given point. The RWD models are expected to sell mostly in weather-friendly US States like California, Florida and Texas where the only real challenge for the car will be some wet weather, not snow or ice.

The X5 is built at the Spartanburg in South Carolina, USA. BMW South Africa could do well to also investigate this RWD option as it would also suit our climate, probably as well as our wallets.

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