Monday, 25 February 2013


Finally McLaren Automotive has released detailed information on the engine and powertrain to be used by its next hypercar, the McLaren P1. The most interesting aspect of the engine is that it will be a hybrid system and deliver an astounding amount of power, translating into sensational road performance. Put on your seatbelt and brace yourself for the numbers.

Using the same, but highly revised 3.8-litre twin turbo engine as the MP4-12C’s, McLaren is now able to gather a total of 674kW and 900Nm of torque. This is thanks to 542kW and 720Nm at 4000rpm credited to the petrol V8, while an electric motor that’s mounted onto the engine itself, contributes 132kW and 260Nm of instant torque. The associated gearbox is a 7-speed double-clutch affair that sends all power and torque to the rear wheels. No numbers have been released yet, but the “lesser” MP4-12C can skip from 0 – 100km/h in a mere 3.3 seconds under ideal conditions.

Because this is a hybrid car it means there is a battery pack somewhere backing up the engine and providing electric power when needed. For the P1 this battery is located under the undercarriage and weighs only 96kg. The petrol engine will recharge it while in motion and it can power the P1 completely for up to 10km in slow-moving traffic. Moreover it can be recharged from a wall power socket from empty to full in about two hours.

The hybrid hypercar seems to be the next flavour of the month as Honda (NSX), Porsche (918 Spyder) and now McLaren announce plans to semi-electrify their next godly creations.

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