Monday, 25 February 2013


The brand new 2014 Jeep Cherokee is coming to town. Well, Geneva 2013 International Motor Show to be more precise. Thereafter to the US market, and then the world. And this is what the car looks like.

At our very last Jeep Cherokee launch about 4 years ago, the company said the car had been redesigned to accentuate its masculinity, to look more like a “man’s Jeep” than the previous 2001 edition. This time it seems, they are back to the feminine look and feel.

Cherokee’s most direct rival is the Land Rover Freelander because of its similar combination of interior comfort and off-road prowess. Other players in the segment include the Audi Q5, BMW X3 and Volvo XC 60, although these have less bundu-bashing capabilities. Jeep says the car is up to 45% more fuel-efficient than the incumbent, although no figures have been given.

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