Tuesday, 24 April 2012


The Group Parts Division of the Volkswagen Group South Africa has introduced a range of affordable parts for its Volkswagen models that are older than five years.

‘Economy Parts’ as they are branded, have been specifically designed for Volkswagen and Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles models whose warranty period has expired.

These parts have been available to customers in Germany and some other key markets for some time and this offering is now available to customers in South Africa.

“Economy Parts still maintain and offer Volkswagen quality standards that are found in Genuine Parts. There is no compromise in the safety, performance and durability of the parts even though they are more affordable than the Genuine Parts currently available to our customers of these older models,” explained Richard Longe, General Manager: Group Parts, Volkswagen Group South Africa. “The current range of parts will still be available should customers choose to fit these.”

“The design of certain of the Economy Parts has been simplified and some are made out of alternative materials allowing us to retail them at a reduced price. Economies of scale also contribute to the affordability of these parts which have been through an intensive and rigorous development as well as testing programme that meets our international Group standards,” added Longe.

“Customers will now be able to enjoy the benefit and peace of mind of having approved Volkswagen parts fitted to their older vehicles at a more affordable cost. These parts will of course also appeal to the Independent and Franchised Aftermarket  Workshops and DIY Customer, though it is still recommended that especially safety related parts be fitted by an authorised Volkswagen Dealer Workshop,” concluded Longe

The Economy Parts that are currently available are Economy Brake Pads and Economy Brake Discs, Economy Batteries, Economy Shocks Absorbers, Economy CV Joints, Economy Wiper Blades and Economy Spark Plugs. This range will be continually expanded through 2012 and into the future.


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