Monday, 16 September 2013


It hardly ever happens that a motor manufacturer introduces a concept car at a motor show, like Suzuki did the iV-4 SUV Concept, then proceeds to tell the world when it will come into production. But that’s exactly what the Japanese brand has done. So, now we know the iV-4 production version goes on sale in Europe in 2015.

The iV-4 (which stands for Individuality, vehicle, 4wheel drive) is dubbed a “personal compact SUV”, which could either be just another 21st century marketing buzzword, or could really mean something to the customer looking for extraordinary solutions in an ordinary world.

In terms of dimensions, it measures 4.2 metres in length, 1.85m width, 1.66m high and has a wheelbase of 2.5m. It runs on 20-inch wheels with matching 235/ 55 R20 tyres. Suzuki promises that while urban dwellers will find it very accommodating to their everyday needs, those seeking some off-road adventure will also be well-catered for, thanks to AllGrip, the company’s new all-wheel-drive technology.

Powertrain details were not mentioned but Suzuki says the iV-4 will emit some of the lowest C02 gases in its class. To us that could mean only one of two solutions: small turbo (petrol or diesel), or hybrid. The latter is very expensive to develop, so unless Suzuki has worked out its differences with Volkswagen, it is likely a small turbo.

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