Sunday, 19 May 2013


Honda South Africa has begun selling the revised CR-Z sports hybrid coupe. Revised means a number of changes have been made to what existed already, including some of the looks and the powertrain. Revised is not “new” per se, but revised. Originally it launched the CR-Z in Mzansi in 2010.

Some changes have been made to the exterior, including a new and fresher front grille, the addition of a panoramic sunroof, a redesigned diffuser, new 17-inch alloy wheels, plus a new paint colour in the form of the mouthful Premium Northern Lights Violet Pearl.

The interior was also touched, and now features LED ambient lighting, a new colour scheme, heated leather seats, Bluetooth connectivity and rain-sensing wipers all standard.

Honda rightly says the car’s powertrain has been improved through an upgraded ECU, the use of lithium-ion batteries instead of archaic nickel-metal, and a revised i-VTEC system. So now the 1.5-litre engine’s power is 89kW instead of 84kW. Total system output goes up to 101kW and 190Nm. The swift 6-speed manual gearbox assists in propelling it from 0 – 100km/h in 9 seconds, topping off at 200km/h. Average fuel consumption is claimed at 5.2 litres per 100km and corresponding C02s of 124 g/km are stated.

“The 2013 Honda CR-Z further underscores Honda’s strength and innovation in the burgeoning hybrid car market,” says Graham Eagle, director of Honda South Africa. “The additional output places even greater emphasis on the sporty hybrid’s dynamic prowess, with its impressively low emissions levels. In addition, the keener styling and upgraded interior contribute to hybrid motoring package that is both compelling and entertaining to drive – proof that eco-friendly cars can be exciting and satisfying, too.”

Honda CR-Z pricing
R332 800

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