Wednesday, 10 April 2013


Opel and its UK twin Vauxhall are to receive a massive €4 billion (about R46.5 billion) cash injection from parent General Motors over the next four years in order to help the struggling European brands crawl out of their current bad situation.

The money will be used, among others, to develop and eventually deliver about 23 new models to the market by 2016. Even in the Mzansi market, the once-respected Opel brand has taken a serious dip in sales, despite really good products like the Astra and Meriva ranges. It has been left far behind by its chief rivals from Ford, Toyota and Volkswagen, and to a certain extent, its own cousins at Chevrolet.

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Anonymous said...

damit it's about time. I love Opel man and I wanna see it take on VW head-on