Monday, 4 March 2013


Only three units of this Lamborghini Veneno will be produced. And yes, all three are already attached to owners. These owners apparently paid about R42 million for each of their cars. That’s some steep loot, but if you are worth billions, it’s all pocket change. Who bought them? It could be anyone really; Hollywood types, a European football brat, some oil Sheik, a Russian Mafioso

The Veneno is extremely radical, reminds one of the Reventon that ran out the Murcielago. It runs a 6.5-litre V12 motor, just like the Aventador on which it is based. Maximum power is 552kW and the drive to all four wheels is actuated through a 7-speed robotised manual gearbox. It can run to over 350km/h.


Anonymous said...

This is a beast that must be respected at all times. but at this price, I don't think so

Sihle Mhlongo said...

Absolutley insane.... i love it!