Tuesday, 4 September 2012


The brand new 2013 Volkswagen Golf is out! Well, it only launches in Mzansi in 2013, but these are the official pictures of the car. Soon to be known as the Golf 7 or Golf Mk7, the new hatch has arrived earlier than was planned owing to several reasons, including tougher competition. And as you can see, it looks more like an evolution of the Golf 6 than a complete redesign.

Volkswagen will officially unveil the Golf 7 at the 2012 Paris International Motor Show this month. While the changes are subtle in a sense, lots of work has been performed to ensure Golf remains VW’s bread and butter model. One of the main achievements has been to lower the car’s overall weight by up to 100kg in some models, compared to the outgoing one.

Of course the engine range will reflect upon current trends, but will also include one or two newcomers. The usual suspects in this case are the likes of 1.2 TSI, 1.4 TSI, 1.6 TDI and 2.0 TDI among others. The 7-speed DSG automatic gearbox will also be made available alongside a 6-speed manual, again depending on the model at hand. Some speculation regarding the GTI says it will pack over 165kW, while the Golf R could see about 210kW being flown off the front wheels.

We’ll let you know all the details as soon as they are released. For now just look at the pictures and see if VW has done enough to dissuade its detractors from buying other family hatchbacks.


Erol said...

I can't see any changes

Anonymous said...

still da same shame

Anonymous said...

Overrated! *not impressd*

Anonymous said...

Oh no! I thought it's much differ but no changes at all, I even prefer G5 & G6.......that reaaly ayoba!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Ja, vw can do better, maybe the change is the peformance, othwise, id rather go for the gti 5 or 6, 7 is just nothing breathtaking.