Monday, 4 October 2010


Unveiled at the 2010 Paris International Motor Show, the all-new Ford Focus ST promises lift-off without the scares. It is based on the new Focus hatch which also came into focus, excuse the pun, at the show.

"The ST will be the performance flagship of our new Focus range, and we are excited to provide our enthusiast customers with an early preview in Paris," said Gunnar Herrmann, Ford Motor Company's Global C-car Vehicle Line Director.
"The ST represents an ultimate expression of Focus driving quality and performance and we are confident that the new model will strengthen the reputation of Ford's ST heritage among enthusiast drivers and attract new fans as well."

Of course this is only for now. We all know that a manic RS model will eventually grace our roads as it always has. Under the bonnet of the new ST lies a new 2.0-litre four-cylinder EcoBoost engine with a turbo charger, making out 184kW and 360Nm of torque. Drive is through the front wheels, via a 6-speed manual gearbox.

Ford has put on 19-inch wheels and lowered the chassis by 10mm compared to the old car. They have also fitted extras like a new suspension system, a stiffer body for better handling and a new electric power assisted steering system.

The interior is decked out with Recaro leather sports seats with orange gold panels in a neoprene fabric and vibrant yellow-gold contrast stitching, a sports steering wheel, racing foot pedals and a powerful sound system.

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"the all-new Ford Focus ST promises lift-off without the scares" Hehehehehe!