Monday, 16 January 2012


American publication Car and Driver says it has absolute confirmation from one of the MINI North America executives that the BMW brand is about to unleash hell upon us. Back in 2006 MINI released the John Cooper Works GP edition which was extremely limited in availability. Actually if I recall, there were only 29 sold in Mzansi. Apparently the MINI GP is making a return.

That previous model made due with 165kW from its 1.6-litre supercharged motor. Bona fide hot hatches like the Golf GTI and Astra OPC of the time were genuinely scared colourless by this thing whenever it appeared. It seems the new one will deliver a bit more than this, maybe 170kW or 175kW. I’d like to see 180kW, but that’s just me. The most natural MINI to deserve the GP badge is probably the Coupe. Let’s hope this is more than just a rumour.


Neville Strauss said...

One of my favourite cars of any type and time. I'd certainly vote for it immediately.

Jake G. Mutwa said...

this is what I call a real true rebel! well done Mini let's go!

Anonymous said...

I"m a real Mini fan and it's good news to hear they might bring this car back to life. Own a Clubman with racing stripes and it's killer on the road.